Friday, November 23, 2007

Brother Ali, Thanksgiving.

If you haven't heard of Brother Ali, look him up. He is a hip-hop artist, and his album "The Undisputed Truth" is really well done. The song 'take me home' is particularly good, a sort of jazz-influenced beat and a verbal cross between Atmosphere and Cunninlynguists.

This break has whipped by. Tomorrow I head back to Bellingham. This break was badly needed. Although I still have a bunch of work to do, it seems less pressing now than it was last week.

What did I spend my break doing? Researching what tripod I want to buy for myself. Surprisingly complex (and expensive).

The latest pictures.

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Continuum: 15,000 Hz in Bellingham, 15 Hz in Seattle

I am on the train right now, slowly winding northwards, following the edge of the Puget Sound. I went home this weekend, just to see the family. It had been too long, it was great to be home.

My mom and I went for a long walk in the arboredum today, what an incredible place to have in the middle of the city. It is gorgeous at this time of year, with the leaves piled deep. Although, that is probably true at most times...

I have started listening to a lot of hip-hop instrumentals recently. They are an interesting amalgam of different musical styles. Some of my favorites are mixed by Jedi Mind Tricks (questionable lyrics, but awesome beats), and The Alchemist.

Apparently GMK, Golden Mic King, is coming up in the local hip-hop scene. I just copped the album from, but I haven't got a chance to listen to it yet.

Movies that I want to see soon:
In The Valley of Elah
The Darjeeling Limited
American Gangster

Also, my grandma won her about 8 prizes in her chrysanthemum growing competition! She is so happy about it, and its only her first time... my mom is thinking about getting into it now too.

Peace all.

Friday, November 02, 2007


I submitted a shot to this magazine, check it out and give it a vote if you like it! If I get enough it will get published!