Monday, August 07, 2006

Bainbridge I

These are the first of the pictures I took this weekend. We spent the first night on Bainbridge at the State Park, had dinner in town, and sat out on the beach until late. We were even able to see some of the fireworks from seafair over Seattle.

The first picture is from sunday morning. We were all invited to breakfast at our friend Charles Lewis' cabin, and here are Bree, Claire, and Siena looking out over the pond on Charles' property.
I stayed the next night at Charles' with Ko, David, and Declan, and we built a big floating raft out of wood and styrofoam. It took us about 4 hours of work, but it is cool. Supposedly each of those styrofoam planks has 750 lbs of floatation.

This last shot is from the ferry on the way home, this morning. Everyone forgot to set an alarm, so Ko and Charles were late for work. Posted by Picasa

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