Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mount Si hike

Me and my mate Otis climbed Mount Si on Tuesday, just before he started at Garfield again. We got up with the sun, left Seattle around 7:15, hit some traffic across the bridge and on the eastside, and started up the trail at about 8:15. We summited around 10, spent about 45 minutes eating and enjoying the view, and ran down the trail, arriving back at our car at 11:54 sharp.

Mount Si has a big frickin' pile of rock that makes up the true summit, which requires a bit of a scramble to get to the top of. Called the Haystack, most of the people who make the hike (probably 99% of them, and Si is rumored to be the most climbed mountain in the US) stop about 500 yards short of the base. A 200 foot scramble later, and you are treated to 360° views of Snoqualmie Valley, Seattle, and the Cascades. Its really very cool. The steepness of the west side of the mountain gives you an almost vertical 3500ft drop to the town of North Bend. Cool! Afterwards, we soaked in the river for a while. Good day.

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