Thursday, May 17, 2007

Photomacrography, racial profiling, music, and sunshine

My life recently has been a case study in business (busy-ness?).
Hmmm.... I never thought about that word orgin.

By the by, I have decided I would like to major in Environmental Science Journalism, so I can do three of the things I love: Photography, writing, and making some change. Hopefully it will also involve alot of travel and fresh air. My dream job would be to work for National Geographic, but that is in the future.

I've got a new camera in the mail, it should be here in five days. Look for a ton of new picures on my Flickr account in the next few weeks and months.

The Blue Scholars have a new album out, entitled 'Bayani,' which is... beyond words. In my opinion, it is the best album out of the northwest in my lifetime. A fantastic affirmation of life and questioning of the injustice in the world, and a musical gem. Sabzi spins the tables with the best and Geologics rhymes are light years ahead of the previous albums. I think anyone, no matter their age, can enjoy this album. The best songs are Joe Metro, about the bus system in seattle, 50 Thousand Deep, about the 1999 WTO protests, North By Northwest, about the left coast, and Bayani, which is just phenomenal.
Buy this album. Play it. Enjoy. Repeat.


a purple friend in Larrabee State Park

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