Monday, January 21, 2008

08' live

Hello there, its Max again. Welcome to my blog.
Perhaps you ask yourself, what has Max been doing up there in the bellingham? Well, I have been splitting my time recently between homework, listening to strange hip-hop instrumentals, reading crazy fantasy novels, taking photos here and there, watching and playing basketball (first inter mural game is Wednesday!), cooking, climbing, and bit of parkour here and there.

All of my roommates are out of town this weekend, the house has been eerily quiet. I like having solitude though, at least periods of it. I went to party a little earlier. I have gotten into the habit of biking more at night now than in the day, because the buses run during the day. Today was freezing, about 28 degrees before the 20mph winds are added on. It was beautiful by 11pm and I was biking to the party, clear skies, still air, bright stars, and nearly full moon flanking me. By the time I headed home about 2 hours ago, the wind had picked up again, and it was fully below 20 degrees. I had a stiff headwind in my face as I made my slow way home, bundled warmly, but nose numb. All the puddles had the undulating freezing patterns twisting across them, like little mirrors reflecting the moon back a thousand fold. Much better than sitting in a car for a few minutes. Especially once I step inside, make a snack, and read before bed.

I am a possessor of many habits.


Building a snow cave on mt baker with ko and cameron.

Columbia and Mountain

On the way home from mazama.


Parents )

An Open Book

Evidence of a skier.

Snow Falls

Scrabble face, slow flakes.

The Hustle

Bama, card hustler.

Cole's Breakfast

Post Basketball tournament, a diner in Arlington.

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