Saturday, February 23, 2008

Make sure to remember

The Cost of a Lapse in Concentration

"A strong mind is essential in Parkour and provides the foundation for the rest of our armour. Our ability to move is dependant on the ability of our minds to tell our bodies what we want to do... and what we can do.

The latter is something that we need to teach ourselves. Only with time and experience will the mind learn what its body is capable of and with practice it will allow its body to do so without interfering with doubt and worry."
- Blane

even though I seek perfection, I wear my scars with pride.


Otis said...

You got really messed up. It's kind of hard to believe how big that fall was. And I didn't even see it because I was looking at a little piece of plastic and metal. I'm so glad you didn't get hurt worse.

Anonymous said...


How about "I wear my scars with humility"?
This is your mother speaking.