Tuesday, October 17, 2006

hello from wellington

Hello everyone! I just arrived here in Wellington, the capital of NZed. It has been the first nice day since I got in the country, and it has been really nice. Wellington is located on the tip of the south island, and the roarin' forties are known to bring 70-80mph winds to the harborside area of town. Not today, though! I went for a nice run in the morning, and then had my first taste of the legendary kiwi ice cream, which is as good as it has been rumored to be. Just look at that expression on my face!

The bus down here from Auckland was about 10 hours, but on the way we passed these mountains. first was the 2000m mt. Tongariro. then Ruapehu, and up next was... Mt. Dhoom!!!! Aka Mt. Ngauruhoe. Cool. I got really excited seeing these peaks, and I'm leaving tommorow for my first tramp, Mt. Holdsworth Circuit. Cool!

The last picture is of Lake Taupo, which is ridiculously huge and beautiful. I looks like an ocean, with big waves rolling in and gulls winging overhead. Hope everyone is well! Thanks for the comments, too.

edit: Hmm, I can't post pictures right now for some reason. I'll have to get back to you all with those.


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if the rain gear they call 'Wellingtons' originates from where you are? By the way, who 'discovered' New Zealand? Both questions just popped into my head. Sorry about that. Furthermore they're sort of trick questions. Anyway I can answer both of them my damn self via wikipedia so what the hell am I doing wasting your precious travel time reading this...so on to more important comments like I enjoy your writing. I especially liked your description of the guy with the enormous nostrils. (Somehow I didn't expect that image). So today you're hard scrabbling up some hill and watching the water swirl down in reverse and it sounds great! By the way are you travelling with anybody at this point? ..Dorsey

madeline said...

Hey Max,
Don't rock climb alone. This is your mother soeaking (in case you can't tell). I love you and miss your piles around the house.

Owen said...

dude, i saw a commercial today that immediately reminded me of you. two words: seneca wallace. millions, baby, millions. hahaha