Saturday, October 21, 2006

Rain and Photographic madness

So I got rained out of that first tramp. No worries there, I'm about to set off tommorow on a six day romp into the Alpine Lakes Park around Marlborough here. It is a traverse of two alpine saddles and spends much of the time on exposed ridges or following the edges of two giant lakes, Rotoroa, and I forget the name of the other. I'm stocking up on food and such today, making sure I've got it all together. Its gonna be good!
I took the ferry to the south island, which is said to be the most beautiful ride in the world, which I'm, inclined to agree with. The day before in Wellington, the wind was gusting at about 50mph all day long. It made for some amazing surge along the coast. A great day, I walked around for hours! The wind would take the spray from the waves and carry it 20 or 30 feet to drench me and all the people on the waterfront path. Cool!
Well I'm here in Nelson, the largest city in the north of the south island. I've been here only 1 night so far, and it has been rainy and a little crappy. Oh well. I watched the NZ national cup rugby final last night, Wellington vs. Waikato. It was a really exciting game, with the pride of each team on the line. Waikato won in the end.
On my last night in Nelson I took some really cool photos. I was wandering around after the sun had gone down, and was walking along the train tracks when I realized how cool the light had become. I took a photo of myself, but moved the camera before the shutter fully closed. The result is cool, kindof ethereal. I took a few more cool shots that day, too. Hope everyone is well.

Gaagghhhh! Still can't post pictures! Arrrrggg.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Max! I miss you. Hope you can post your pictures soon. Delilah wants to know what you thought of the comment she posted(= If you have the money maybe you could get the girls a little present? I'll gove you some cash when you get back. I meant to give you $20 before you left but was really sleepy that morning.... I got to go down to Portland for work and visit Phoebe and Hazel and Chris! Hazel wanted me to tell her the hunk of wood story over and over- haha. Anyway, love you and be safe! Megan