Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trying to be a hermit...

So the Castle Hill plan is getting a little tenuous. Turns out the closest (legal) accomodation to the hills is 20 minutes away. By car. Seeing as how I don't have one, or even a bike for that matter, it seems a little far. I'm figuring a speed limit of 100kph, which means its a little more than 20 miles. Crap. So I'm trying to work this out. Turmoil in the brain. I think I might just have to do a few day trips up there, which sucks bigtime. Oh well, it'll still be great.

On a lighter note, I ran into Christine on the street today. She's the friend of a friend who I randomly met up with in Auckland. The one person I kindof know in
the whole country, and we are walking down the same street in Christchurch
at three o'clock. We hung out for an hour or so, got some ice cream and smoothies and such.

I don't know what my plans are. Any suggestions?
I suppose I'll wander down south, try to find a nice campground in the crook of a river to hide away at for a week or two.


nacm said...

If there are any houses closer to the place 'sometimes' the locals will let you set up the tent in the yard for a couple of bucks.
Hope it works out. If not you can always climb Mt.Cook. That would keep you occupied for a few days.
Christy & I are going into Kahurangi Nat. Pk. for a week and a half of exploration. Yee-Haw! We are praying for your journey.


Anonymous said...

I know you'll figure it out and have a blast.

Anonymous said...

MAXS! Did my friend email you yet about Castle Hill? I hope you've found something out.
miss you